Simple price system

As per the weight, the fee is very simple and reasonable. There are various options such as free option called “Shipping together”, pay option called “Act for payment” etc.

Transfer charge
Shipping fee
Option Charge

Transfer Charge

For less than 1kg

For less than 10kg

For less than 30kg

For special shape parcel or huge amount of parcels, please contact us beforehand. For regular use, we have discount system. Please feel free to ask us.

shipping cost

For the detail of shipping cost, please go to he Japan Post Office website for your reference.

Once we receive your luggage, we calculate with its weight and send you the invoice with designated delivery fee and handling charge stated.

How to ship Fee Speed Insurance Lithium battery
EMS A little expensive Fast With condition
Air transport Normal Normal With condition
SAL A little cheap Normal or slow With condition
International e packet A little cheap NormalExpensive ×
DHL Expensive The fastest With condition
SF Express A little expensive Fast × ×

Flow from application to delivery

Please fill in the blank from the application form. We will send you the confirmation email, so please send the items you would like to transfer to our specified address. Once we confirm your payment, we will dispatch your items.


From the application form, please advise us the information of destination, items you would like to purchase, payment and whether you will select the options or not.


When you purchase items on the Internet, please send them to the address below. Also please write our company name and your name. Once we receive your parcel, we will inform you the billing amount.

the destination address

post code 135-0046 #302 Botan 3-9-1, Kotoku, Tokyo, Japan
Delivery Japan(your name)


■Please do not request time for arrival.
■Please make sure your items are not prohibited from the destination country. If you purchase the prohibited items, we will arrange to return them for free, but we have to charge you the shipping cost.
■If you would like cash on delivery or post pay, please make payment before the estimated arrival of your parcel.
■Spray cans, lithium batteries, hazardous materials or perfume are not allowed to ship.


Please make payment through bank transfer or by credit card.

・Bank transfer
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank / Japan Post Bank / Mitsubishi UFJ Bank / Mizuho Bank
(Transfer fee must be paid by the customer.)

・Credit Card (4% of handling charge)


If you would like cash on delivery or post pay, please make payment before the estimated arrival of your parcel.

Dispatch items

Once we confirm the payment, we will dispatch the items and inform you the inquiry number.
We will inform you the shipping slip number via email, then you can track parcels on your own. (EMS, FedEx only)
Any troubles such as goods in transit or breakage, we will support you.

to Application form

Free option

Shipping together

We will put items from different stores in a box.
Recycled box of size 120 (52 x 34 x 34cm) is free of charge.
Large size box (64 x 49x 43cm) is 320yen.
As long as items are capable in a box, you can put items as much as you want.
However, fragile items or items with long length cannot be shipped together with other items.
For the items which include lithium batteries, the number of items per box is limited.

store for 30days.

The Delivery Japan can keep your parcels for 30 days for free.
It is convenient especially you would like to ship some items together.

Re-packing service

The Delivery Japan will dispose inventories or catalogues.
Also if necessary, we will strengthen the box with double box or air packing for free of charge.

Pay option

make payment on behalf

The Delivery Japan makes payment at convenience store, at the post office or at the bank counter on behalf of you.

Obtain MSDF

The Delivery Japan obtains Material Safety Data Sheet.
When necessary for shipping, such as shipping lithium batteries, parts of cars, or chemical name, we will request the manufacturer and obtain it.

Announcement of transport insurance

We can insure the parcels.
【Insurance bill】
EMS:For standard, insurance can indemnify up to 20,000 yen. The insurance bill is 50 yen per 20,000 yen.
DHL:The more expensive fee will be applied, either 2500 yen or 1.2% of the total guarantee fee,

Common questions

These are questions we have from our customers frequently, and answers are below.
For other questions, click here>

  • Q.The maximum size of shipping?
    A.It depends on countries. The maximum size many countries accept is about 20 to 30kgs as weight and 1.5m as length.
  • Q.Is it possible to deliver to hotels or post box?
    A.Yes, it is possible.
  • Q.Is it possible to return items?
    A.As long as selling agency accepts returned goods, it is possible. Shipping fee and handling fee will be charged.
  • Q.Is it possible to deliver to hotels or post box?
    A.Yes, it is possible.
  • Q.Is it possible to choose cash on delivery or payment on delivery?
    A.As long as you make payment beforehand, it is possible without handling charge.
  • Q.What is the size for box to ship?
    A.We sell large size box (62 x 48x 58cm) at \610yen. Size 120 (52 x 34 x 34cm) of recycled box 120 is free of charge.

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